Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back For As Long As I Can.

Im sorry I left, I had no choice. As mother was getting suspicious.
Everything has been majorly hectic for me in the past month.
I've been forced to eat. I've been threatened...
But I don't care anymore... things have happened that nothing could ever be worse...
You don't scare me.
I gained .... It wasn't my fault... I am quite upset with myself now, but I'll fix things.
Lost 2 pounds since yesterday...
I'm at 131.6 as of this morning... only consumed between 500-600 today... 400-500 yesterday.
I will update on here as much as I can with how its going.
Preferably everyday. I missed you guys!

Promising to keep in touch.
Sandy. <3
P.S I miss you C, you were my one biggest inspiration,
I hope your doing well. (:

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