Monday, August 10, 2009

Love vs. hate

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I had cottage cheese and lettuce.
but my uncle took me out for a blizzard. I was gonna throw it out but i had no chance i had to eat it... it was about 700 cals!! And it was a small!
So as soon as i was on my own i purged it... my first time purging in 2 weeks.
I was glad to get it out, but i was mad at my self for purging.
I told my self i had to stop because of my blood scare, i cant have mia back...
im sorry mia but my throat and stomach is already getting weak.
Hopefully it wont happen again, anytime soon.

So even tho i consumed im sure just over 800, i didn't put on any weight...
i seem to be losing about 1 pound a day!
Today im trying to raise it tho, eating less then 500 cals and burning over 500.
Hopefully that till work to get under 125 so i can work my way to the 110's!

Love you all...
stay strong with me...
Sandy <3

Thankyou! and yes it definitely is quite hard!
luckily i have my work, were i can say i ate their...
the best thing to do is be half honest with them and say I'm trying to eat healthy!
i did that and my mom is actually okay with me only having a salad for lunch :)
anyways thank you and u stay strong too
love ya's --Sandy <3

thankss. hmm thats quite interesting
i guess maybe i have an allergy to aspertame cuz i noticed the more i have it
the more i break out. You deffinatly have a point.

Stay stong love.
Sandyy <3

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