Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not a broken promise

Yesterday I made a double promise, not to brake my promise of not binging at night.
Last night i kept that promise! I did not binge!
Yesterday I burned 850 calories, and only consumed 600.
I also worked for 3 hours, which burns about 100 calories an hour.
I was quite proud.

Just a shout out to anyone who reads my blog, thank you. i
Is really great to know that someone out there cares.
Comments and e-mail are defiantly welcome, as I read every single one.
Unfortunately I don't know how to reply to comments but i will reply to them through my blog if I can. For e-mails i will reply to every single one.

Reply to Twipz...
Yes, your absolutely right, and personally i think if your going to drink a diet soda u might as well drink a regular soda, because also diet sodas are jam packed with aspartame which is so bad for you, not only does it cause acne, but they use it to kill ants.

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  1. Congrats on how well your doing! I disagree on the diet soda part, though. As someone who's always had acne, I've never noticed anything with aspartame to aggravate it. I know my skin pretty well. I think 0 calories is always better than the 300 or so in 16 oz. of regular pop. Really, so long as you're not drinking it everyday, I don't see how it's going to hurt anyone.