Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Every night, from about 12 till 1 i figure out my next day.
And how I'm gonna go about dealing with it.
I realized today that the one thing i promise myself every night,
i always eventually break it. And i realize that by doing that I am lying to myself.
If i cant have the strength to trust myself and not lie to myself how am i going to be able to let others trust me?
So for now on if i make a promise to myself i shall keep it.
Today, and for the rest of the week at least. i PROMISE not to binge/purge.
I will exercise and i will lose the disgusting fat!

Yesterday I was so proud of myself i exercise so much! i burned 1300 calories!
But i consumed 1000 so i only burned 300!
i was sad after that.

but today shall be better and this time i mean it.

Love always ---

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  1. go to lets you input what you ate and what you did on physical activity and then shows you a graph on how far in the negative calorie zone you are..its under the "start tracking" button..its...simply...awesome. Yesterday I was 700 calories below what I am supposed to need just to breath. It was wonderful.