Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hopefully it will get better...

So yesterday i was home all day,
i had to eat in front of my mom, like it was a MUST.
so i did, i think i may have consumed 1000 cals MAYBE,
but i burned a good 400 on the tred-mill.

this day i am hoping to do better. all i have had is 3 pieces of a personal sized chz pizza.
i was with my friend, i had no choice as she knew i haven't had anything else today.
so hopefully i wont be eating anything more. im just gonna tell my mom i ate big lunch and will eat at work...

thursday and friday me and C, are gonna fast.
with an acceptance of 200 cals, or was it 150 cals?
anyone want to join?
Stay strong bebes! <3


Monday, June 29, 2009

Weight Update.

Okaii, so i woke up today and i could hardly move,
i had a really bad sleep waking up every hour since 6:00.
Also i couldn't get to sleep till 1:00.
Yesterday was a good day, for dinner i just had lettuce and chicken...
and i worked from 4 till 9:30 so i worked it off at work, and ate nothing.
I did quite well on resisting pizza, I'm very happy with myself.

Today seems like its going to be hard tho.
I didn't drink enough yesterday, so I'm gonna make sure i drink loads today!

Weight update...
LW: 123
GW: 99
CW: 133
HW: 139

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Doing better...

Was very happy when i got up this morning...
I lost 3 pounds! I'm assuming that's only water weight but
its better something then nothing..
As I'm still kinda embarrassed at what I weigh I'm not going to say.
But as soon as I'm at the weight worth telling i will.
im not at my goal, actually I'm no were near it.
i will do an update of my current weight in a few days.
so stay tuned lol i sound like a TV show! :P

To those who read my blog, thank you. and leave comments!
i love to read my responses.
And just a shout out to my very good friend Twipz...
She is amazing and without her, I wouldn't be able to get through this everyday.
I love you hun. Your an amazing friend!

Update for today...
Had a salad for lunch...
lettuce a little feta, a tiny 2 cals pickle, and 3 grapes.
I hate family meals...
i work today soooo i can get out of dinner tonight but my mom will make me eat before i go to work, so im gonna have another salad. Maybe somemore bioxy.
Bioxy Cleanse, its just like a laxative, BUT its healthy, and natural!
BTW it may taste bad, but the powder works best!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


So after saying yesterday no no no will not eat...
at work there was another mistake pizza, everyone was eating it...
i had 2 slices :'( i felt soooo bad! i hate working at Panago!

i managed to loose a pound, but its probably just water weight.
today i have only had a salad and a few tortilla chips, and a bunch of tea
BUT i also had some Bioxy, which should help get rid of the food.

Thanks to a friend i have learned some really helpful things too.
Like vinegar helps digest the food MUCH faster.
Gosh C, if it wasn't for you i dont know how i could hold up.
Its great having someone to talk to about everything. It really helps.

Stay strong bebes <3

Friday, June 26, 2009

All Alone

As today my mom is at work,
my grandparents have gone out, i have the house to myself...
fabulous. no one to force me to eat!!..
I'm having a 10 cal drink right now. and an ice cube for a snack.
I'm not gonna eat anything for dinner.
My grandparents were home at lunch time but i just had lettuce, feta, and grapes.
i shall go work all that off if i can now.
Alex should be picking me up soon for work...
thats in about 2 hours sooo i got time..
I haven't lost any weight yet, its like its laying dormant now.
I don't understand why. It should be going! I am exercising as much as i eat.
i think i need to go more full force into this...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

harder then you think

10:30 AM
No breakfast, of course.
if my mom is not home why eat?
I have a bad headache, so its not helping.
but every time i think about food i feel sick.
i think my body is trying to say "eat food." But my mind i saying no.
I have lost 5 pounds that are not water weight, but that's not enough.
I haven't reached my goal. i wont stop until i do.
I shall have only an apple for lunch, as if i don't my grandma will make me something.
I have to work tonight, 7th day in a row... as long as i stay away from the pizza mistakes
off the top of the oven i will be able to go without dinner! Yay me!
Time to exercise...


200 crunches, and a long walk with a friend later....
I walked quite far, to a friends house, then we walked down to Tim Horten's
I had a Chai Tea! with NO extra's, i think i did good <3
Then we walked home.


All I had today was a chai tea, later i will be forced to have dinner,
but it is ONLY 420 cals. so ill have nothing more.,..
so that means only 420 cals today! as i probably worked all that off while walking.

(L) Sandy