Thursday, June 25, 2009

harder then you think

10:30 AM
No breakfast, of course.
if my mom is not home why eat?
I have a bad headache, so its not helping.
but every time i think about food i feel sick.
i think my body is trying to say "eat food." But my mind i saying no.
I have lost 5 pounds that are not water weight, but that's not enough.
I haven't reached my goal. i wont stop until i do.
I shall have only an apple for lunch, as if i don't my grandma will make me something.
I have to work tonight, 7th day in a row... as long as i stay away from the pizza mistakes
off the top of the oven i will be able to go without dinner! Yay me!
Time to exercise...


200 crunches, and a long walk with a friend later....
I walked quite far, to a friends house, then we walked down to Tim Horten's
I had a Chai Tea! with NO extra's, i think i did good <3
Then we walked home.


All I had today was a chai tea, later i will be forced to have dinner,
but it is ONLY 420 cals. so ill have nothing more.,..
so that means only 420 cals today! as i probably worked all that off while walking.

(L) Sandy

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