Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hopefully it will get better...

So yesterday i was home all day,
i had to eat in front of my mom, like it was a MUST.
so i did, i think i may have consumed 1000 cals MAYBE,
but i burned a good 400 on the tred-mill.

this day i am hoping to do better. all i have had is 3 pieces of a personal sized chz pizza.
i was with my friend, i had no choice as she knew i haven't had anything else today.
so hopefully i wont be eating anything more. im just gonna tell my mom i ate big lunch and will eat at work...

thursday and friday me and C, are gonna fast.
with an acceptance of 200 cals, or was it 150 cals?
anyone want to join?
Stay strong bebes! <3


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