Monday, June 29, 2009

Weight Update.

Okaii, so i woke up today and i could hardly move,
i had a really bad sleep waking up every hour since 6:00.
Also i couldn't get to sleep till 1:00.
Yesterday was a good day, for dinner i just had lettuce and chicken...
and i worked from 4 till 9:30 so i worked it off at work, and ate nothing.
I did quite well on resisting pizza, I'm very happy with myself.

Today seems like its going to be hard tho.
I didn't drink enough yesterday, so I'm gonna make sure i drink loads today!

Weight update...
LW: 123
GW: 99
CW: 133
HW: 139

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  1. so, I had maybe 600 or so cals today. :[