Friday, June 26, 2009

All Alone

As today my mom is at work,
my grandparents have gone out, i have the house to myself...
fabulous. no one to force me to eat!!..
I'm having a 10 cal drink right now. and an ice cube for a snack.
I'm not gonna eat anything for dinner.
My grandparents were home at lunch time but i just had lettuce, feta, and grapes.
i shall go work all that off if i can now.
Alex should be picking me up soon for work...
thats in about 2 hours sooo i got time..
I haven't lost any weight yet, its like its laying dormant now.
I don't understand why. It should be going! I am exercising as much as i eat.
i think i need to go more full force into this...

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