Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fast...

Sorry I was M.I.A. for a bit.

Wednesday i went to the lake... didn't eat anymore then 800 cals.
Yesterday (Thursday) it was first day of summer school, My prep day for my fast.
i ate nothing. After school, i had to work, i had a piece of pizza :( i caved.
Then i had diet coke (0 cals). then when i got home.
My mom made me eat.. so i Binged and Purged.
It was a bad day.

Today i start my full on fast.
so far i have had water, flavored (o cal) water, and ice.
im going to keep that up.
tonight i work till 9, so i shouldn't be made to eat.
fast completion. I hope this works.

To all those that read my blog, thank you.

<3 Sandy...
---wont settle till I'm the size i have always wanted to be.

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