Saturday, July 25, 2009

A week later...

So a week goes by.. and i lost about 3 pounds.
Here was my week...

Sunday - i ate a lot, for lunch i had apple and cottage cheese with a few chips.
for dinner it was a chicken pot pies for dinner and crashed and burned with pizza at work.
but i did alot of exercise that day and burned about 800 cals.

Monday - i had so much im not gonna say it all, but I played DDR which burned 200 cals. And i walked to school, burning about 150 cals.

Tuesday - i was with friends after school, so i didn't eat much, but what i did eat was sooo sugery. i had a lemon cranberry scone (600 cals) a banana (150 cals) a chocolate cake thing (130 cals) 2 plain waffles (200) and a sandwich (190 cals) and some chicken bacon thing (270 cals) and i burned about 500 cals exercising

wednesday - 2 pieces of pizza with the boyfriend and a little bit of chicken (600 cals) cheerios and a ginerale (250 cals) Burned around 500 cals today

thursday - multi-grain cheerios (115 cals) California rolls (417 cals) latte from starbucks (350 cals) little bit of vanilla ice cream (220 cals) I Burned alot of calories tho! 600 cals on ddr and 100 walking.

Friday - Medium iced capp at timmies 360 cals (bf bought it without asking...) and a little crab (40 cals) i burned most my cals at work and walking around (500 cals)

Peace and love bebes <3

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