Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Always good at first

Yogurt - 150 cal
Apple - 90 cals
6 plums - 30 cals each
little lettuce and meat - aprox 100 cals
homemade jello - 10 cals
water - 0 cals
Total - 380

~Today was good. But i think it could of been better.
I had 2 hrs of dance today, which means I burned about 400 calories.
Not weighing in new weight till Saturday.

~It's odd, I'm getting really bad pains in my stomach, I don't understand why.
There not hunger pains, its like stabbing, its just above my stomach and on my side.
If anyone knows what that could be please please let me know.

Open fire on the needs designed
On my knees for you
Open fire on my knees desires
What I need from you
-Anna's Song By Silverchair

~I am going to try and get an early night tonight. Hopefully also keep this up...
Tomorrow I might be forced to have dinner...
so i think i might just have yogurt for breakfast and nothing else till then, and nothing after it.

I love you all!
Sandy <3

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