Thursday, June 8, 2017

I'm Back Bitches

I'm baaaaack. 
Yes Im still alive and kicking. 
.... unfortunately with this kind of thing - my Ana - it never goes away. 
I can tell you I'm okay. 
I can gain weight to make you shut up. 
but I can't change how I feel. 
I can't stop my emotions. 
Ana isn't another person, Ana is me. 
Some days Ana is quiet - some days Ana is loud. 
In the end Ana is the one there judging me and calling me out 
but only after I fuck up. 

Its been 4 years since my last post. 
In this time I tried starting over - new life - new house - new friends. 
But what was the point. 
Im back where I started.

Life's never easy, if it was we wouldn't need google. 
We wouldn't need to complain or be self critical. 
People wouldn't need to fix things. 

I am 24 this year - and I have an eating disorder. 
This won't ever change. 

Lets see how long I'm here for this time. 

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