Thursday, June 15, 2017

ABC Diet Day 4 --Diet Pills Day IDK!

CW: 174.81lbs

LW: 115 lbs
HW: 188 lbs
GW:  119 lbs
UGW: 99 lbs

Well last night I fucked up. 
I binged.. not by much but enough that I felt dirty. 
I purged. I purged it all back up... but that only accounts for 20%
the deed is already done by this point.
I had a chocolate almond Kiss, and 4 mini Swiss Delic (2 dark and 2 Milk)
then to get the chocolate taste out of my mouth I had 4 spoon full of cottage cheese.
This put me over my 300 allowed calories by 200. 
So as punishment I also had one of my old ex-lax's. 

The fact that its only day 3 makes me feel like a failure. 
ugh no wonder I only lost .4 of a pound today. 
I was so happy yesterday I went from 175.8 to 174.5 and now Im 174.1
I will push through this. I want to be in the 60's by Monday.
this is my current goal. 

I do have a questions for you guys. I haven't taken ex-lax in a long time. 
I took one last night and i think it did shit. 
No pains no cramps no nothing. 
I took it at 9pm fell asleep at 9:30pm and woke up at 7:40am... no pains.
I'm also shocked I slept a whole 8 hours. 
Any idea why the ex-lax didn't work?

Sorry no love today. 

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