Monday, June 12, 2017

ABC Diet Day 1 and Diet Pills Day 5

So far so good. 
So happy to see the scale lower today - I'm coming back harder then ever and jumping right in. 
Its addicting - The results are addicting. 

I tried the whole workout eat healthy and it was bullshit
I still binged, I worked hard saw no results and spent too much money on a trainer that did fuck all. 
I ate healthy and how your 'suppose to' for a whole year and it did shit - I was more prone to binging. 

I tried mom, I'm doing it my way now. 

I did however try something new for me...
Talking to people. 
Not just any people, but people who are the same. 
People who are also going through this, 
Its nice to know your not alone. 

I am in this group and we are doing the ABC diet together. 
We inspire each other and we help each other. 
We help each other not binge to keep up from purging. 
We help each other stay strong and stick to the plan. 

Beyond this group I'm happy to say I found a friend
Someone I can relate to and talk to and share my status
I will refer to her as A if I ever need to talk about her in the future
I look forward to our adventure of finally becoming happy inside and out
I AM IN NO MEANS PRO ANA - Honestly, this addition I wouldn't wish on anyone 
but some times its worth checking out Ana groups online 
just to find someone like you. 

If your still following my blog this many years later I thank you
Would love to hear from you if you need someone to talk to
One thing I learned this week is that
Sometimes it helps talking to someone who's going through the same as you
No matter how hard it is. 

Love Forever. 

Sandy <3 p="">

Today consists of 500 Calories
As of 4pm I am just under 300. 
Cauliflower rice for days!

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