Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ABC Diet Day 9 - Family Chaos

CW: 170.9 lbs

LW: 115 lbs
HW: 188 lbs
GW:  119 lbs
UGW: 99 lbs

So close to hitting the 60's yay!!! - so far in 9 days I have lost 8 pounds. 

Couldn't be happier. - No actually I'm super stoked on this. 

But I have a big family weekend coming up... uh oh, 
So tonight I'm with my boyfriend - He's coming out to live with me!! 
He has a couple job interviews lined up tomorrow. YAY!

Now this is where it gets hard... He knows my past - kinda. 
I keep telling him no I'm eating healthy I'm working out as he's already made the comment 
"you better still be eating" 
I assured him I am. 

So tonight he's picking dinner and I have to eat... 
I can't purge because he will hear it I'm screwed. 
THEN tomorrow night I have family in town
2 members of the family from out of town whom I've never met before - oh boy. lol 
we are also going to dinner... I can just get a salad here tho. 
so that works. 

Thursday Im home free so I will fast. 

Friday - my moms in town... FUCK. 
then she's taking me back our hometown...
to go camping.ugh. 
Why must they be so needy. 
DOnt get me wrong - I love them. 
but they are difficult to hide stuff from. 

I'm very worried this whole family ordeal is going to throw me right for a loop. 
I'm stressing

I will do the best I can. 
but as long as I can say by next week I'm in those 60's - only 1 pound away. 
I will be happy. 

Wish me luck. 

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