Monday, May 13, 2013

Soy Milk

Well, I possibly figured out why I wasn't losing weight on a small booster juice and hardly any food. There was soy milk in the type I was getting (matcha monsoon add blueberry)... soy milk makes me bloat because I'm allergic to it... fuck me :( so no more! hopefully now I can pass this platue.

(The following may trigger cravings)
I swear to god I am so mad at myself... I broke down.. I got overly stressed and had an enormous migraine yesterday. I bought a bowl size bag of m&ms :( I didn't eat them all but I ate half... and now they hidden in my drawer. However, I have been doing OK besides that, I haven't snacked at work, and I have been avoiding pop and nestea (I love nestea) and I've been having lemon water! I'm trying so hard not to go back to binge/purge, but if i don't stop the binge I may star up again. I have been so stressed since last weekend,
On the bright-ish side, I'm applying for a new job tomorrow, possibly a 5:30am hotel breakfast hostess. It includes benefits :D But we shall see, you would think a resume which includes 5 year customer service, 2 year supervisor and 4 month server, with 2 year volunteer looks pretty damn good for such a low profile job, but you never know. Wish me luck!

Anyways, I'm off to bed!
Gotta be up at 6am, dropping off my resume at 8, then heading out of town :p
Sandy xxx


  1. Good luck! You know, it sometimes helps with binges when you go in another room, calmly tell yourself that it's food, not a magnetic thing forcing you to eat, then be rude to it. Sounds ridiculous but I will act like I'm better than it, in my mind. I'll say that I've eaten enough and stay busy. Sometimes that helps. :)

    1. that is a really great idea! i will try that! thankyou!