Thursday, May 16, 2013

Playing Sitting Duck

Me myself and I, we are good. Irritated but good.
I've started my 3rd job and so far, so good!

However, I'm stressed out. Now, I don't understand why in gods name this bugs me but I gotta let it out.
A friend of mine, who is suppose to be the obnoxious caring good guy in my group, is hooking up with his married friend, who has a kid!
I didn't necessarily care for this girl before I found out, but now that I know I can't stand her.
But, to top it off, they don't know I know. Now, if they knew I know, they would be aware of the fact it goes against everything I believe in, no I'm not christian, but I do have morals.
Why the hell does this bug me soooo much. And to top it off when we all hangout together this girl randomly brings up about her husband or her daughter and all I can think is I feel bad for your family, you don't deserve them you fucking whore.
Nothing good will come about this for my friend, I'm worried about him getting hurt.:(
If anyone has any suggestions on what to do please please tell me. Its making me uber stressed.
But as far as I can tell I'm stuck playing sitting duck.

xxx Sandy

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  1. I see it two ways. You can either say nothing and let it run it's course, or you could interfere in some way. I hate interfering where I am not supposed to but I would at least find out what the girl was doing. I would get her alone at some point and just ask, "Doesn't it bother you? What are you doing?!" And if she blew me off I would still say something to my friend. I would encourage him to break it off with her or tell her to break it off with her family. Either way, the husband should know I think, instead of being led on...
    I can see how that would bug you. I have the same morals I think.
    Hope I helped a bit.