Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NEW Medicine ball. ftw!

OK well... what a great start, my titles a lie.. I bought a Reebok soft weighted ball :p not a medicine ball, they both do the same thing so oh well. I figured it would be a good thing to try. I had a rough day today, however, I managed to finish strong. Two days ago I had a fright at work, I was serving my robber, he tried to hide his face so I didn't figure that out until his group was paying.. lovely. So, after a helpful counselor appointment and an annoying 3 hours of work I kicked butt at my country Zumba class and finished with an hour of hot yoga. I feel amazing! But sadly, I haven't yet lost weight... You would think that with eating healthy, working out 2 hours a day, running around at work, and having vitamins that boost your metabolize like chili and green tea I would be able to loose SOME pounds :( I may have to go back to fasting... hopefully that doesn't cause me to relapse :/ Happy to be back! Love you all! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sandy <3

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  1. Welcome back Sandy!

    Your schedule sounds indeed busy! I admire all of you guys who manage to work out long. ♥ Keep the good work up. Probably your body is building more muscles and since muscles are heavier than fat your scale shows no improvement... but soon enough you'll be surprise and get the weight you want.