Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 2 of cleanse

Unfortunately, my cleanse has ended. No, not because I failed, because the cayenne pepper reacted to my gums. Apparently, the mix that i had bought had too much cayenne in it, it caused my gums in my mouth to start peeling. and caused me to have all sores in the back of my throat as if it had burnt it...

For now I'm going to give my throat a break, its really sore today, it stung badly when I had lemon water :/
BUT I found this new cleanse I'm going to try next week called Herbal Detox, Ill post a picture when I start it. It has a lot of good herbs in it and it is in vitamin form. Your suppose to eat a little bit, however, your not allowed dairy, gluten or sugar. Hopefully this will work well for me. 

UPDATE on my home-wrecker of a friend! --thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions! I decided to let it take its course as interfering may put a strain on our friendship, specially being as I'm technically not suppose to know.

However, HE HAS A SOLE! He is sorta coming to terms that is wrong. BUT he is still continuing. 
Although, one wired catch, he said the other week that her husband walked in on them a bit ago and now they are splitting up. THIS WEEK he has changed it, saying he knew the whole time, and he is cool with it. So as if they are swingers. I call bullshit.
What do you think???

Still Living! Staying Strong!
Sandyy xxx

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