Saturday, March 20, 2010

The fast

Sooo I've been fasting alot laitly. Started Tuesday. Lasted 43 hours, (till thursday night) then I was forced to eat. I tried everything to get put of it. But I failed.
I had little bit of salmon, potatoe(baked) and peas. Then had a little bit of this dessert bread at my aunties bday.
I feel fat, I look fat, I hate it.
I was able to fast all of Friday unroll today. At lunch I had a salad piece of bread and my mom made me eat a hot cross bun. That ended my 38 hr fast. Mad I hate the weekends. I think I'm gonna go purge that lunch right now I feel so gross and fat from it.
After I'm gonna go work the rest off on my DDR.
Lottsa love Sandy

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