Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines day

Wow, it's the night before valentines day and for what I thought was real actual plans for the first time on valentines day... And they're not.

I really think that for once I can say, I hate valentines day. Last year, my bf at that time wouldn't talk to me... The next day he dumped me. The year before... I didn't have one ... And the year before that, he wouldn't talk to me, I ended up dumping him 2 days later. But this year I have a bf. We were gonna go swimming, but nope he has to go shopping, then we both have to work. Well fuck you, you have no idea but I'm crying right fucking now, at 11:56pm the night before valentines day.

Hope everone else's day is better then mine.
Imma stay strong tho. Maybe when I'm smaller I'll have better luck with guys.

Love sandy. <3

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