Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Job!!

I ended up quitting my hotel job as well, due to the fact they decided that we don't get a break unless we work over 6 hours, (Labor law clearly states a worker is entitled to a 30 minutes brake after 5 hours).
Then, on top of that they want to pay us by the rooms. That is a half hour per room we clean, we don't get paid for setting up our cart, we don't get paid for cleaning up either and if we cant clean the room because a guest hasn't left yet we don't get paid. Its crap.

However, I got a new job!!! I work at a steakhouse and bar restaurant, this time as a line cook!!
I start training today! I'm so excited!
And the best thing, is that it hasn't opened yet, its bran new to town so everyone is new and training!

Gotta go finish getting ready!
Sandy!! xxx

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