Monday, June 17, 2013


This is a first.
I love my new job!
Everyone is so happy and friendly, everyone is new so were all on the same page. 
Good hours, good food. happy people.
I'm hoping thing carry on great! 
I need to start raking in the cash. 
I need 4 grand more and school will be PAID. 
I then need at least 20 grand for rent and living. 

I'm going back to dance soon!
If not this week then next week!
I can't miss it again, 
I need it.

I'm going back to my spinach and goat cheese lunch, with a tiny dinner.
I think this will be a good diet to start my way back to long term fasting. 
I have put on a hell of a lot of weight in the past 2 months I'm embarrassed to say how much it is.

Wish me luck!
Love you all!!!!
Sandyy xxx

P.S. Some reason I have developed a passion for reading very provocative books. 
Any reason why this would be?

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