Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coming Clean.. The Start

My obsession began a year ago,
I don't know exactly why but i felt disgusting.
i started to purge every time i felt i had eaten too much.
i never really understood why as i was i think 10 years old.
the phase would come and go as it did for quite a few years.
Now i can't get out of it, and guess what i don't want to.
i love it, the fact that for once im in control of something.
when i started i was ... gosh i can't even say i was so gross.
now i am in the 120's i am happier but its not good enough i want to be between 100 -110
my main goal is 99. Double digits bitch!

Today so far i have eaten nothing. i had 3 pieces of gum 1.7 cals each.
but tonight unfortunately i have to eat dinner, im not gonna be able to purge either.
but luckily i have dance soooo i wont have to worry about it too much cuzz what little i do eat,
i will be able to work it off. Maybe I'll even go for a run tonight.

Eventually i will dance between the rain drops.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. <3
    Someday you'll reach your goal, and then
    the stars will be jealous.